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Nobody likes it when they find pests of any kind in their home. Arizona in particular is at risk to more pest infestations, because of the hot, desert environment. It can result in frustration, added stress or time to handle the problem, expensive costs of hiring an exterminator, potential damage to your home, and even a potential health risk. But the most frustrating part of all is that residents could have been proactive to prevent any kind of pest problem with consistent house cleanings. 

Why Do 害虫 Enter a Home?

To understand how you can prevent pests, it’s best to know why pests try to enter a home in the first place. They typically either want food, water, or shelter. And the frequent pests that do try to enter a house or apartment for these sources are ants, 苍蝇, 蟑螂, 和啮齿动物.

害虫, like all living creatures, need water and food to survive, so those are their biggest reasons for trying to live in your home: excessive moisture or humidity and food crumbs. 另外, 害虫要庇护, especially in the colder seasons because they are cold-blooded creatures and need to find warmth. So, if these are the reasons pests enter, then a resident can take charge by initially depriving pests of these things. 

Getting Rid of Food Remains

Consistent cleaning requires determination and a good schedule. Many of these tasks to prevent pests seem like small chores, but they have a tremendous impact. 害虫 have a good sense of smell, 比我们的好, so what you may not think is a problem, can turn out to be a pest’s paradise if not cleaned up. Here are some consistent cleaning tips to deprive pests of from our crumbs:

  • Use plastic bins or containers for certain foods, 比如意大利面或麦片, 或储存一些不易腐烂的食品, 例如糖或面粉. 
  • Clean dirty dishes as soon as you are finished. Food or their remnants that are sitting out even for just a few hours can easily attract pests. 
  • Wipe down eating surfaces after meals.
  • 及时清理任何溢出物, 即使它是水, bugs still will be attracted to the moisture, not necessarily the sticky, 含糖物质. 
  • Take out trash regularly, but seal garbage cans or bags when trash sits. 
  • Clean your refrigerator often and get rid of old, expired food or drinks
  • Regularly vacuum the carpet to get rid of crumbs, allergens, or possibly pests themselves. And it can be another good, added measure to regularly sweep or vacuum the kitchen surface, especially near the trash bin and refrigerator. 

Keeping Moisture to a Minimum 

害虫 need a lot of moisture to be satisfied, and oftentime they can find that within a home. Humid areas in the home include the 阁楼, basement, crawl spaces, or near window frames. Regular cleanings can keep the moisture to a minimum, and if the moisture isn’t there, they will eventually need to leave to find a different water source. You can use a dehumidifier in humid areas and clean any places that can puddle or gather water. The bathroom in particular can become humid and 携带大量细菌, so consistent cleanings there are important. 


害虫 are fond of warm, dark, and covered spaces. 如果你不小心的话, they can find that in your home, 如纸板箱, 成堆的衣服, or other gathered clutter, particularly in a basement, 阁楼, or garage (which can all already be prime spots for pest infestations). Consistent cleaning and organizing of these types of materials is a preventative measure to ensure bugs don’t appear in your home. 


Sure, consistent cleaning is good to prevent pests. But, as mentioned, this requires time, dedication, and attention. Sometimes life can be too busy and we don’t want to have to handle everything by ourselves. It can be even smarter to hire professionals to take care of consistent cleanings, so that you have more time for yourself and the confidence that your house is thoroughly being cleaned. 

短剑的清洁, a company committed to success and a strong relationship with our satisfied customers, can do all of this for you! We offer regularly-occurring cleanings that will help play a part in pest management, and more importantly give your home a great, 安全氛围. Don’t hesitate to learn more about our affordable, effective services. Contact us today at (602) 574-3916 to get a quote.